I just can't call it a day, it seems! RUBotted detecting bot activity!

Ok. I think that bad things are meant to happen to me, I guess. In this thread (https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_help/what_could_it_besolved-t31054.0.html) you guys can check out what I have been dealing with since yesterday. I solved this issue.

Now, Trend Micro RUBotted detected Bot related activity. It does not remove (just detects), but adviced me to perform a check with HouseCall. The problem is that it reports I don’t have Java installed, but I do have it installed. Can’t perform a verification. Funny thing, this early morning I performed a scan with Eset online. Found nothing…

I checked again with Trend Micro RUBotted and finds no bot activity and there’s no log record of such either. Odd!!

I’ll check it out what is happening to the ■■■■ system and give you the heads up. At the meantine, if you guys have some suggestions…well… throw’em up.


Best regards