I installed new version CF and I am very disappointed. It does not work properly


I need help. I installed new (latest) version CF now and I am very disappointed. It does not work properly. I have w8.1 64b.
I have few problems. I use PROACTIVE security configuration. I made clean installation. This piece of software is still bigger ■■■■ but I still like Comodo but my patience ends. Sorry for my English. I have paid PRO version (but I use only firewall without AV).

  1. When popup alert shows it does not work right. The latest options TREAT AS is not active. Please have alook at the attachment. I reinstalled Comodo few times and popup works but when I switch configuration to PROACTIVE then popup does not work correctly. I need this function.

  2. When popup alert shows the sound comes with 5-10s delay. It is very bothering. The same problem was in previous version of Comodo.

  3. When I run Powerpoint with video the video starts with 5-15s delay. The presentation is unusable (when I run presentation only in PC it works but when I connect projector the presentation has lags). The same problem was in previous Comodo version. When I switch HIPS OFF it works.

Please can you help me?

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I believe “Treat as” is greyed out due to it being an IP address for TCP and on Port 80. With Chrome, Firefox, IE, I tend to just go under Advanced Settings and treat them as Predefined setting “Web Browser”. I could be mistaken for what you’re exactly looking for tho.