I hope they can do better than this !!!!

Just installed V3 on Vista Home Premium. ( on my xp v2 installed straight out of th box )

  1. Any browser takes a long time to change pages.

  2. Double clicking the short cut or access via start/programs will not allow access to the comodo control panel. No warnings are given and nothing happens.

3)The traffic indicator does not appear in the system tray.

  1. Comodo did not switch off the windows firewall, this had to be done manually.

  2. I am running all in admin mode

For something that should work straight out of the box, the above faults should not happen. I have recommended v2 to many people and they are very happy, but this is poor.

You are better than the catastrophes at zonealarm but not much.

Other than reinstalling which is a right faff and pain is there anything else that can be done, bearing in mind I cannot even access the comodo panel

Hi Silverfox55

thanks for your patience…
There is a couple of bugs causing this which we identified pretty quickly and provided a fix for which you can find here

however, we are going to be releasing a patched version next week.

thank you for you understanding.

I’m disappointed in V3 too. This release was way to premature and it doesn’t even work on my machine. https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/the_network_firewall_is_not_functioning_properly-t15023.0.html

If you can get a much more stable release I’ll try it again.

Many thanks Melih but unless I am mistaken those fixes require the user to access the Comodo control panel which I am unable to do.

Looks like an uninstall and come back in a couple of months time like I used to do with ZA.

I see.
then go ahead and uninstall and wait till the next version (should be out next week) which fixes these problems.

thank you again


Silverfox have you tried clicking on the little white shield in the bottom right hand corner.This should open the interface.

Hi Melih, is there anyway you can post a change log thats is updated with the fixes it contains or at least a running tally of how many issues are found and how many of them have been fixed

Melih, could you clarify something for me please.

If v2.x is upgraded to v3, I assume the v2 rules are exported into v3.

If this is the case then are the rules lost if v3 is uninstalled, or are they preserved in a manner which will be found by a subsequent reinstallation? I have to ask because some applications do preserve user data from earlier incarnations, but many don’t.

Best regards,

  • Bill Hely

Unfortunately not. I assumed that also, as it seems the logical way of doing things.
You can export the rules in cpf3 (miscellaneous → manage my configurations → export) but it doesn’t seem too polished as of yet, it doesn’t even specify a filetype to save as. I chose .cfg, and hoped for the best.

Hi Bill

Unfortunately, v3 is a totally new architecture and rules are different. sorry :frowning:


Hi Melih :slight_smile: When exporting the rules in cpf3, what filetype should they be saved as?

  1. I am unable to click on the white shield as it is not in the system tray.

  2. A change log is really needed as it appears that there are too many basic bugs still in V3 which need to be ironed out.

Keeping on einstalling is not the way to do things

The system must install right out the box or users will be lost. There are not many firewalls for Vista and you do not want to go to the bottom of the pile.

I will keep track of the changes and when it is stable I will use it, as I do like the product and interface.

Silverfox, I hear your decision not to use v3 until the kinks are straightened out. I was checking in the forum here and to fix the lack of system tray icon and admin window the solution was to go to grc.com and download upnp.exe to disable the uPNP service and then reboot. That fixed this problem, now all I need to do is get it to realise that the ICS service is running and there is a PC trying to connect.