I hope Comodo improve the update Configuration

I hope Comodo improve the update Configuration in hte next version.
Which I use the comodo antivirus version is 5.3.181415.1237.When I choose “Automatic virus database update” and “Display bubble” in the “General” configuration, I find Comodo update ceaselessly.
Is update frequency too high?
I want Comodo company can let users set a time period option, for example, add the upgrade option"update frequency of 1 hour or 3 hours or 1 day".
Thank you.
If Comodo company has some qustions, My email is kekemao520@sina.cn.

Hello Linshaojie. The reason you see the update bubble as you say, is first you have it ticked in the Gui under “preferences” to notify you of the updates which i do not mind, and can be easily unticked.

More importantly the updates of the data base are every 30 minutes or so deliberately in order to attempt to keep up with the thousands of new malware that are distributed every day.Norton for example have “pulse” updates which are more frequent perhaps every few minutes in order to try and deal with the issue, and i personally would not mind a bit if that were the case with Comodos av. Avast free on the other hand only updates every few hours and if the signature of a malware is not in its data base at the time the infection occurs, then it may be detected by heuristics as opposed to signatures or may be missed and the result is infection.Incidentally the paid version of Avast the security suite has pulse updates as Avast obviously recognises the need to update as frequently as possible but make you pay for it, and therefore the free version could be said to not be as secure.

In Comodos case i think the frequency of the updates is helping usability also, ie reducing pop ups from Defence plus and the Sandbox that would otherwise occur if the malware signature was not in the data base and heuristics failed to pick it up.Having said all that D plus and the Sandbox would pick up on whatever the av missed as a layered approach so in Comodos case you have the ultimate suite covering all the angles all for free.

The botom line is the update frequency is not too high and it could be argued that it should be more frequent, but Comodo have drawn the line at 30 minutes or so.


Comodo may check for updates every 30 minutes but its database is not updated each time.

At Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022 you can see that database updates every 4-6 hrs.

Something that else that might impact the frequency of CIS AV updates is the AV option Automatically update virus database. This option is set for each AV mode of scanning (Real Time, Manual and Scheduled). If the automatic AV update option is set for Real Time Scanning, then the AV updates are likely to be much more frequent.

It’s worth noting that by using the automatic AV updates for Scheduled Scanning, then time scheduled AV updates can be achieved by creating a dummy scan job with the AV updates option enabled.