I heard CIS were charged?




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Hello everyone, I have heard that to intend to charge COMODO?

Also heard 6 months to a trial, this is it?

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Hey, you don’t have to worry about having to pay for it. Cis is free, and will stay free :slight_smile:

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Could you please inform me, over this topic or over pm, who told you that ? The Comodo Internet Security suite will remain free for end users forever! There are no intentions of changing that. We do have some paid products like CIS pro, but the free version will remain.
If you want to know why, I sujest you read this article

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Ah! Rising again.
If you search the web, you may find some news about their bad/illegal business practise against their competitor.

Hi, could you give me a link to that post please ?

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I think you do read Chinese.

As previously stated…Security for end users must be free! We have no intention of Charging for CIS.

I would invite all other desktop security vendors to start giving their products for free to consumers.



I doubt a quote can eliminate Human greed of needing to directly make money (as opposed to Comodo’s indirect approach). But your statement should be carried out for the sake of securing millions of PCs. (not gonna mention Microsoft to avoid flammatory comments, opps i just did >;O)

Thank you!Melih. COMODO,the best security product in my heart!


I think you do read English!

Thanks for these :slight_smile: