I have to click numerous times to allow installation

I am dealing with the same problem. Not where it comes to Avast but to the complexity of using the firewall.
Everytime I want to install a new programme I have to click numerous times to allow that installation.
I really have no idea why I have to do that so many times.
Is there an easier way/ Is it possible to clik just once, giving full approval to the installation.
I read some reviews on the web in which Comodo was praised as one of the best. But since I find it so complex I am considering using another firewall, unless there is another and easier way of using it.
I hope you can help me out on this.

Thank you!

I split your topic and moved it to the D+ board because it is one about settings rather than complexity.

Can you check File Rating Settings and see if you have Trust files installed by trusted installers disabled.