I have Threat Fire installed, can I still use Comodo anti malware?

Can I use both or will there be problems?

You should be able to use both fine, I don’t believe there are any compatibility issues.


As said above, ThreatFire should work fine with BOClean. They got different functions, so shouldn’t be any probably.
BOClean scans the memory for malware, while ThreatFire analyzes the code/bahaviour of the application.


this is a bit out of topic in this thread but nevertheless, careful not to install ThreatFire together with CFP.

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Is that from own experience?
Or else, Defense+ works like ThreatFire and scans for malicious code/bahaviour and warns you, so if you get CFP, there’s no need for ThreatFire, altho they might actually work with eachother.
If they work or not, that depends on your machine. Machines are like humans, they’re all different :wink:

no, a friend told a friend who told another friend, and that one left a note on the computer of his mother in law who finally told me :SMLR

seriously I only tried threatfire once and noticed it could have some functions either conflicting with Def+, or being redundant (and therefore conflicting…). My experience with ThreatFire was rather short so I cannot say more.

I have used ThreatFire and Comodo Pro with Defense+ enabled on Windows XP with no troubles, and I think it may add some extra protection along with CPF . However, without TF installed I noticed a slight increase in the speed of my Pentium 4, 512MB RAM PC, and I think TF caused some browser slowdowns for me as well. I just use BOClean and AVG Pro with CPF now, and don’t worry about what little bit of extra protection TF may or may not give me. Hope this helps.

Yes, I’ve hard ThreatFire has been getting a bit more bloated (can’t confirm it since I do not use it and haven’t used it before the PCTools buyout), so slowdown is expected. In my opinion, you only should use the security software you need, extra is fine however don’t try and make your PC a fortress as it will make using it less fun, each PC only has so much of its resources available and security software uses quite a bit. So I run what I need, and with some common sense on internet browsing, I don’t have any issues :slight_smile:

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