I have taken the plunge again

and have installed CFP 3 again, its running ok so far, a couple of times though my computer just freezes after WinXP and all my taskbar icons have finished loading. I know its CFP 3 causing that.

(I have WinXP with SP2.)

anyway i took the plunge and installed the new firewall after trying it once and it f_kin up my PC bad.
But because I didn’t like the idea that with the old firewall i wouldn’t know if there was an update or not, since i came across a post where a few users were stating how comodo released a stealth update for 2.4 _ _ 1.84 to 2.4 _ _ 1.85 . not sure of the numbers but you can find the post in the V2 help section of the forum. needless to say though, I didn’t find such an update >:(

anyway so far ver 3 ain’t too bad, it runs fine for me apart from I’m always weary if my next reboot if my PC is gonna freeze or on edge a little if any slight thing could make my PC mess up and be unusable again since CFP 3 is very finicky and even a pin drop could cause it to cause a riot.

it runs smooth though and the defense+ pop ups and etc. I can’t say is bothering me yet, for me it learns pretty quickly ;D and the pop ups is not noisey and I’ve not had any probs with it learning what things it trusts and it remembering or any false alerts. so Zilch this time it works alright,

(on a side note installing it one has to take a few pre-cautions and just give it a couple of tries and put up with a few lockups during rebooting 88) but after that well who knows lol. I’m hoping it doesn’t cause my PC to lockup anymore during bootup )

we could defintely do with a user guide for this firewall especially when it comes to after installing it and it goes through the wizard ( which we only get 1 chance with it ??? ) and when it asks if we want to setup a network zone thingy, it doesn’t make it clear what option is the right option for a user to choose, so definitely not helpful if most of us do not know much about networking stuff.

anyway i’m gonna see how it goes with this firewall, you guys still need to release a stabiler version though that behaves nicely when the PC starts up and doesn’t cause lockups during startup. it shouldn’t cause any lockup at all not one! I’ve had 2 so far, but 2 is one too many if one is to trust in a product.

anyway I’m liking CFP 3 so far (:CLP) i only wish it wouldn’t cause any random lockups when loading the desktop if I restart my PC :cry: just something 2.4 never did not even once on my system

good to hear Ron_75. Our dev guys fixed few bugs to make sure its Rock solid and very fast.
hope to have an update this week.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I quite like this new Comodo firewall, it has alot of potential and there is isn’t any other firewall quite like it.

The firewall is new, but I am sure as it matures with each update/fixes …it will only get better and better and of course Stability and Compatibility should be a top mandate.
But i have faith in the product and you guys and know it will in time get there

(B) btw, keep up the articles Melih, they make for a good read and learning aid (:LOV)

Thanks Ron_75

I really appreciate your patience.

You are right v3 is unparalled piece of engineering which will get better and better!

thank you