I have retired as a Global Moderator.

Hey Everyone !

Please forgive me for deleting my account. It was on purpose to start fresh. Some of you may or may not know that my account has been deleted (under 3 different scenarios :(), But anyway we won’t go there. :slight_smile:

I’m still young… 16 years old to be exact, But age is just a number - So the title of this thread may sound a bit quirky… hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: I decided to public aknowledge for the first time, that I have stepped down as being a Moderator on the forums, and it has NOTHING to do with personal or social activity… I have no problems there. :slight_smile: But the mains reasons is why? I like testing Security Software from time to time, So I like joining forums and finding out about these particular security software, and gaining knowledge about them. So… let’s go back in April 2007 where I registered for the first time at the Comodo Forums. :slight_smile: I have Comodo Personal Firewall 2.4 after using ZoneAlarm for a year… yep I paid for it, But fell inlove with Comodo. ;D So I became heavily active here compared to other forums, I was a very curious forum member back then you could say! So I continued being a Comodo user, All the way till v3.0 was released in Nov 2007. I still then continued using it, And I then PM Melih in April this year asking to be a Mod, Since I have Been a mod on other forums, But I moved on from there too! By the way I was playing chess for 4 years on and became and official Tutor and organized live tournaments. Anyway if you go to the ChessRally Forums you will see my name Under Teen Corner… ChessRally wasn’t a big thing, it’s still not doing too well… http://forums.chessrally.com/ Anyway I PMed Melih, and I think I was the first person to actually DIRECTLY ask to be a Moderator and be accepted without any “votes” by other mods, Just a few talks I guess. So what did I want to do? Well I moved on from ChessRally, and decided to see what I could do with Internet Security, And I was soooo excited to be accepted here! It was a good day getting that PM from Panic/Melih, Welcoming me to the mod-squad! :slight_smile: So I moderated… tried new things, made a few ERRORS, hehe… and had a few problems like my account getting deleted 3 times, I guess the mods were kinda shocked. :wink: But now… I decide to once again, step back down a Moderator, officially.

But this time it’s different! Because in the past, it would be “Goodbye” with other forums, etc and you wouldn’t hear from me again. I am doing this because of what Comodo is building - A Trusted Internet, and I will still be around here guys!! So I HOPE we can all act like we always have, and still be a good and close community. I will still be using Comodo products. Anyway Comodo are doing something really amazing, and you should all understand that, They are building a Trusted Internet, By giving away free software, and making $$ in another way… In my eyes, Comodo are leaders in both BUSINESS and SECURITY. I have put my trust in Comodo ever since April 07, and I always will. THAT’S A PROMISE I’M MAKING RIGHT NOW !! And I want everyone to see that! :slight_smile: Anyway I know it was so sudden, me deleting my account so randomly and all… But it’s just me. I like doing new things, trying new things and just getting experience here and there, but off course like I said I will still be around! you will see me on wilders, etc.

Anyway. I hope you guys understand… And I hope everyone helps Comodo build a Trusted Internet, and Melih has done a great job. I am certainly still involved, powerless or not! (:KWL)

Anyway guys… Take Care. :slight_smile:


I Like, humble but to the point, welcome back Josh! You are indispensable.
Highest regards regardless of your age, knowledge is always welcome…
Cheers :■■■■ (and this is a can of pop)
Xman (:KWL)

Sad to see you not be a Mod Josh, we will miss you!

You are 16 but very mature and did great for us! Be proud of yourself!

Hope to see you around…

Again thank you for all the hard work you did!



Thanks Melih, It’s been fun. :slight_smile: I’ll still be here supporting you guys… No question about it! I would never break a promise, who knows what the future holds. But as I said, I do test software from time to time and join forums if I find interest. I want to have some kind of I.T position when I’m older, So I really experimenting around… I’m not saying I played Comodo!!! Or used you guys, I have completely TRUST in all at Comodo, and you Melih.

You’re one hell of a CEO, The best I have met online!

Cheers mate!

Sad that you are retiring 3xist. But why did you want to retiring anyway?

Well, I hope that you’ll stay here for awhile. (:AGL)

One good thing: you won’t have to trouble yourself with giving warnings to me anymore. ;D

Cheers, Josh. :■■■■

You were a great mod. :wink:

It’s been good Mod’ing with you Josh, thanks for all your help.

I must object, we were hardly even surprised by the 3rd time, let alone shocked. ;D

Hey Josh. You are one of my closest friends here… And would consider you a friend in real life also. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done to make these forums more enjoyable and thank you for the chats we’ve had via pm’s :slight_smile: Really Appreciate what you do.

Oh yeah, Don’t forget I’m comming down to NSW sometime within the 1st to 2nd quarter of next year. Still have to catch up mate :slight_smile:

Josh >:( now what are we gonna do with these padlocks? 88)

oh, i thought you said you wanna use different name? ???

Josh deserves more posts than this. I haven’t been here too long, but I know he was a great mod and a person. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the fish.

josh didn’t sell fish 88)

Hey Josh :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help you gave me as a Moderator with issues I pm’ed you about. I always appreciated that very much :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

What? You didn’t get the invitation to Josh’s secret fish stand? He has all the rare delicacies there and for great prices too. This is the real reason he is retiring – to spend more time at the fish market. :smiley:

I did not experienced you very long as a moderator, but I know you have the hearth at the right place, and that is what counts the most for me! I thank you for all the effort you did here on the forums, by advising, testing and helping other forum members here.

I say goodbye to you as a mod, but not as a fellow comodo member and friend. (:WIN)

Hey Josh it’s all okay. As Melih said feel proud of yourself. And don’t feel pressure, nobody thinks you played nobody, this is not the Skulls & Bones. LOL Will be great to see you around where and when you wish.

:frowning: I can finally login in these forums again after 2 weeks and the first thing I read is Josh retiring ?

Well, it was really nice to work with you Josh. You’re a great person and nice friend :-TU

now I gotta go again.Hopefully I can find some internet in the next couple of weeks

I’ve also appreciated your efforts here Josh, and I also think you left the moderatorship with your flag hoisted! See you around as a regular member!



I appreciate the kind words guys!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh Ganda, I decided to keep my real alias name because I wasn’t planning to public announce my leaving. By the way guys, Here is just a sample example at the ChessRally Forums when I left: Bedrock Options Investments

As you can see, I care much more about Comodo then just being a “power forum user” (Note the word POWER… (:m*)). And I hope you all support Comodo in the way I do too! Not just to be a Mod or anything, or have the highest post count, But to have TRUST in Comodo!