I have noticed large discrepancies in “files scanned count”

I am currently running CIS 3.1.102363.531 under Windows 7 RC2 and have disabled the Widows security, however windows defender and MS Malicious Software Removal Tool continue to run

Lately I have noticed large discrepancies in “files scanned count” after the antivirus scan completes. I do expect that the numbers will change some, however today I did two back to back and the first scan reported 600+K files and the second 900+ files. This seems to be way out of line.

Please advise.


Hello Jim;

My Two Cents:
Windows 7 is not fully compatible with CIS (Vice versa)…
This could be a reason for the "difference in the # of files scanned.

Thats all i could say as for right now.


Hello Jim,

Can you please untick the “Scan memory” options on the scanner.
That will also cause all files “loaded” in memory to be scanned and this will interfere with the counter.

Also please disable the Real-Time scanner during a manual scan to see if that helps…

Will try, however, when the counts are off by 200-300K files that is a lot of memory.

Also I have noticed the same problem with my wifes Vista 32 machine that was off 50% in a back to back scan.


This topic might be the reason why your files counts are different.