I have not installed AV

I have installed the firewall only on my notebook and could not deselect D+ during the setup, so I have disabled it (not permanently yet), and AV was deselected during setup. Today I installed Internet download manager, and Comodo AV comes up and tells me that the program is malicious and has been blocked. What is going on???
Am I forced to install a hidden CAV when I install the firewall?

Defense+ will send unrecognized files to the cloud to be scanned. The AV is not required for this to happen.

But D+ is disabled ???

I missed that, sorry… :-[

If you go to the D+ tab, Execution Control Settings and uncheck the two options pertaining to the cloud, does this behavior still exist?

If you don’t plan on using D+, I would recommend disabling it permanently.

Disabling D+ permanently seems to do the trick.
So the non-permanent disabling option is a rather misleading term 88)
Thanks for help Heffe.