I have no Hash today.

I need to get rid of the firewall app currently installed on my workstation :o (Windows 2000 OS) so I can install CFP v2.4, which is obviously (to me) a much better choice! ;D

Unfortunately, there’s no MD5 or SHA1 hash (that I can find) on the CFP v2.4 download page like there is for CFP v3.

I emailed “sales@comodogroup.com” requesting the hash info be added, to the download for CFP v2.4, but there’s no telling how long that may take.

I’d like to be able to verify the integrity of a CFP v2.4 download, before installing it… some time soon.

Could/Would an administrator help me out with this, please?



Hashes for CFP_Setup_English_2.4.18.184.exe

MD5 : 2f26625cc1c2aa1e9d653f1809d04861
SHA1 : fd5ebf89873f59149d87d776dce05f34d8e8486b

Ewen :slight_smile:

Xxxcellent… That does it!

Thanks Ewen.


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