I have just downloaded comodo firewall pro free issue

Hi Everyone (:WAV)
I have downloaded the free comodo pro Firewall and scanned my computer with it but i can’t get it to run the protection strength is Bad, also the other security issues are, Application Monitor is off, component monitor is off, Network monitor is off, and Application behaviour Analysis is off. so basically everything is in Red. I have updated it but still can’t use it. I hope someone here can help to get it up and running. Thank You (:SAD)


Hi, welcome!

Does the firewall stay in this mode after starting up your system? Some people encounter that the GUI (the Comodo Firewall interface you see) loads slowly when starting up Windows, but after a minute or two, everything is back normal (monitors are on). The firewall itself should be loaded before you even see your desktop, so no worries there. If there firewall GUI actually continues to be off, this may be a problem.