I have finally surrender the Comodo Free firewall

G’day all,

I have finally surrender the latest Comodo Free firewall v5.3.. because this latest version has became very heavily bloat since it has killed 60% of my window drivers during the upgrade of Comodo over the years, I’ve never had a problem in past when I was using Comodo FW and I had no choice since I can’t recover by last backup so I had to reinstall from my PC all over again.

Please don’t feel bad just because I gave up the latest version has became very heavily bloat on my XP Pro computer, when I’m ready to move over to Win 7 or 8 on my new PC soon I will installed the latest Comodo FW again or I might move over to the complete Avast security software I’m not 100% what my future will hold with Comodo.

Sorry please don’t ask me any question how and why it to hard for me to explain my problems, keep in mind I am still your friendly member of Comodo forum that doesn’t mean I’m leaving Comodo forum forever. I had a great time using Comodo FW since the version v3.0 came out, and I went all the way to v5.3 over the years and you have been great instead of the latest v5.3 has really got to heavy.

Thank you :-TU :love: (CLY) :rocks:

hi speedyPC, it happened to me 2, 3 times in my windows 7 … problem with sound, graphics and sometimes i lost my desktop and have to do for a recovery system … and this solves all issues…
problem with sound : my computer hibernate, the computer back and sound do not come … or the sound come mute alone.
With the graphics : My screen stuck and after 1/2 mins my mouse is stuck … my keyboard is stuck and i have to off my computer manually, but when comodo WORK it work.

(sorry for my bad english)

Hey speddy :slight_smile:

the latest avast and CIS have some problems for some reason and those problems are from avast’s side not Comodo’s of what I understand.

Luc[y] make sure that your drivers aren’t sandbox or blocked.

It helps in general to add things that you might think is conflicting with CIS in Exclusions of Execution Control Settings (CIS → D+ → D+ settings → Execution Control Settings → Exclusions).

this my tip for your avast problem if adding it in exclusions doesn’t help.

1) CIS → Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Protected Files and Folders → Groups → Add → New Group…(give this group a name i.e Avast). Now click once on “add files here” and Add then Add → Select Fromand → Browse… and add find the wanted folder

2) CIS → Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → select Comodo Internet Securiy and press edit → Customize → Interprocess Memory Accesses → Modify → Add → File Groups → Avast

3) CIS → Firewall → Network Security Policy → Application rules -->Add -->File Groups → Avast

Valentin N

Valentin N,

Thanks for the tips really I’ve now kept this option in a safe place IF I might try again, keep in mind believe me Avast hasn’t fail me. It has something to do with the D+/SB is conflicting with the XP Pro drivers with the latest Comodo FW version it has nothing to do with Avast drivers.

if still have time and the pleasure it would be nice if you could you past a screenshot of your d+ events?

!ot! I won’t force you to keep CF but I will try to solve a problem regarding CIS and what other products I know of

Valentin N

[Quote]Luc[y] make sure that your drivers aren’t sandbox or blocked.
They arent. :slight_smile:
Comodo cause problems in my computer, but i have 2 others one and no problems.

Have you added them in exclusions of Execution control Settings

Keep with comodo’s other products though, won’t you? We can’t have another person leaving these forums.
You might want to try using an older version of CFP, Version 5 was fine for you, wasn’t it?

Do not have the time for test.
but if i remember correctly execution controls only work with .exe ( can be wrong )

To be very honest the v3.14.130099.587 works great on my old XP Pro SP3 system, when v4.0 and up was going a bit kinda hell along the way.

And beside it to late now :embarassed: it be very stable so far give me month to see how this goes, and I might go back to the old v3.14.130099.587 :wink: now tell me the truth how many Comodo users are still using v3.14.130099.587 on the XP Pro system ??? ???

I cannot say for sure, but I have heard of many people on this forum (SiberLynx, for example) claiming that version 3 is the best version of CIS and that they are using it.

there you are wrong :slight_smile: you can add complete folders

I’m having the same problems since upgrading to V5.3 and I looked everywhere not realizing these issues are caused by CIS:

  • mouse lag and mouse freeze for up to 15 seconds
  • keyboard locked
  • all applications freeze, no control over task manager, hard shutdown necessary (the strange thing is that there is no log in windows event manager

Now that we find out that CIS is also sending private & confidential documents (pdf’s etc.), without asking, to the cloud which in my opinion amounts to data theft, it is time to say goodbye to Comodo. It was good as long as it lasted…

I will have to start my research for the best security suite again.


if comodo really sends private & confidential what do you think a company like comodo would do with that information? Comodo interested of protection people and nothing else.

start a new thread regarding this topic or discuss about this in the right sector of the forum. :slight_smile:

on topic … Try the solution I have suggested in my previous posts.

Valentin N

Comodo does not use the files for anything other than malware analysis. They do not even look at any of the other details, the ideas some people on these forums get is unbelievable.
Everyone seems to leave because of rather unfounded criticisms on comodo’s integrity, you read one thing on a site and you suddenly believe it is the truth.
Gullible, much?

I’ve CIS installed on 2 PC running XP SP3, one is an old cheap one with poor processor and only 512 MB of RAM, but even on this one I don’t encounter the problems you have. I’ve install CIS on the netbook (not a powerfull engine) of one of my nieces, again without these problems.


some forget to use removal tools after they have uninstalled security software and I must say that it’s not obvious to know such thing.

If there is a gullible one it is you. Yes, I do care what Comodo is doing with my personal documents they are downloading from my computer without my consent. My personal documents are nobody elses business. I have no idea what Comodo is doing with them after they are scanned for malware. Are they stored? (where, how long, how safe), are they deleted? (recycle bin, wiped), who has access etc. etc.

But I think this is the wrong topic for this discussion. This topic is already discussing it:



In the link you pasted you see how you deactivate the cloud scanner.

Let’s not make statements that we can’t prove and taking conclusions with no facts; it not good to give people and yourself wrong information.

May I ask if you know why in that pdf file in the thread that you linked got send?

you can answer that question of mine and continue this discussion in the right place of comodo forums which would be the link that you found.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Valentin N

no in my case.