i have comodo free firewall and anti virus do i need a spyware

Hi i have free comodo firewall and antivirus do i need an anti spyware. I have a bought pctools Spyware doctor is it ok to run it at same time. Still got 6 months on it but dont Know if it will cause any problems. help please Complete newbe. :-[

Comodo Antivirus detects spyware, so you don’t necessarily need to have a separate Anti Spyware program.

However, I recommend you download and install the free version of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for regular scans. The free version does not run in the background, so you can just use it to scan whenever you want. I personally scan daily, but I’m a little paranoid :wink: a weekly scan should be fine. Just open the program, update the definitions in the Update tab, then run either a quick or a full scan - quick scan if you’re running it very regularly (i.e. daily), full scan if weekly.

About PC Tools Spyware Doctor. I do NOT recommend running it at the same time as Comodo, as running more than one of a similar type of program can cause problems. No problem between PC Tools and Malwarebytes though.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: