I have a Windows tablet with the newest ver. of windows 10

I just got this new windows tablet it has windows 10 and when I start it up it tells me I have a problem it says Comodo is running at Risk it says Hipps is not operationing properly. I do not have much installed on this tablet because I just got it. This is the first and only computer I have windows 10 on. I have another computer but it is running an older ver. of windows but it does not have a problem with Comodo. Just this one is the only one having a problem. So I do not have anything to go against with this one having a problem and the other not with the fact that they have different ver. of windows. I could try installing it again on this computer and see. I used the online installer for this one. Any ideas ?

run diagnostic report from main GUI ? > support > diagnostic.

I have done that and it has told me no problems detected even though it asks me if I want to do one to find the problem and so on I have tried it a couple of times now just to make sure it was not just telling me it one time for some odd reason so that takes me no where

Then your best bet would be to re-install.

I am thinking this is a bug because I reinstalled the program after I completely uninstalled it all. It is one of the first programs I installed in it. I have only put one other program on it so far. I have used it a lot but just surfing the web so far. Windows is up to date as it can get. Now one other thing is it does not matter if I have Hipps turned on or not it still says Hipps is not operating properly. I ran diagnostics again and it still told me it could not find anything wrong. Hipps was off when it first started and told me Hipps is not running properly. I turned Hipps on both installs and that did not change anything I turned it off and it did not change anything.

Having issues after first update installed for latest version of comodo IS causing new laptop with Windows 10 to crash and go into automatic repair mode and restores machine to before comodo was installed. Tried installing three times now for same result

You should attach the diagnostic report and more information about the tablet you use. i.e. specs, model, manufacture, run utilities such as CPU-Z and msinfo32 and attach the output.

Here is my info

It would be best if you can attach system information by going to file > save after running msinfo32 application.

Why did you move this to setup this is a BUG maybe you do not know what a bug is but I do I have been setting up computers since Windows 3.1 So I know computers and I know bugs and I know how to set them up so do not tell me this is not a bug when it is a bug for I know these things all too well!

Bug submissions need to be in the required bug report format so it can be forwarded to Comodo. So can you edit your post and include the diagnostic report even if it doesn’t report any errors thank and sorry I should have made that clear earlier.

What Else do I need on this bug report I have the CIS have the MS report and the CPU report I do not know what else to report and it is not fixed with the new ver. I could submit a new CIS report but it hasn’t changed

I have asked if tablet computers are supported. Waiting on feedback.