I have a sandbox settings question.

I am thinking of switching from Sandboxie to Comodo’s Sandbox. I see 5.0 has more settings then limited acccess. If I put it on block what exactly would happen to unknown files? Would they be blocked from execution and still be in the sandbox or just blocked from running and since its blocked not be in the sandbox?

If you set it to blocked the files in the sandbox would essentially be quarantined. They wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Comodo’s sandbox is not a replacement for Sandboxie.

To tell the true Comodo SandBox is more a Behavior Blocker (if set to block) or Behavior Analyst (if set different) that a SB

So having it set to block will keep me safe? :slight_smile:

Yes, the files can’t do anything and every one I’ve tried has failed to run. They are essentially quarantined.

Thanks :smiley: