I have a question

I have noticed that by default it has the antivirus messages/alerts turned off, when I turned them on I just kept getting the updating vbs over and over and over. So thus annoying me I turned it back off. My question is however if I come into contact with a virus will I still be notified it is blocked?

Also how do I know the real time protection is actually working? Is there any place I can check to see what it is scanning?

Ok let me do that, I normally use Avast and I was giving the antivirus a whirl, although I have noticed that it already has a lot of false positives.

You should report any files you feel are FP’s here.

AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting

If reported on the forum, they are dealt with pretty quickly.

I just submit them to them directly through the interface, it recognized coretemp as a FP. LOL

I’m just saying they are processed quicker when submitted on the forum. You can submit however you wish.

You can also submit them here. I find it easier.

Out of curiosity how many FP’s were there and what level do you have the heuristics set to? Comodo Antivirus is relatively prone to false positives, but I’ve noticed there seem to be less these days. Of course I’m only seeing a limited number of computers running it.

My heurstic is always set to low and there was only about 3, on my one friends it detected some java file as a malware LOL.

Coretemp is a program designed to monitor the temperature of your processors. I do that because I have a nosiy fan so im making sure she isn’t over heating.