I have a question about multi user accounts and CIS settings.

If I have a limited user account and I set CIS to be quite and not have any pop up alerts so the person who is using it is not confused on what to do if they have something auto quarantined or auto blocked will that ONLY be on that account or will that also go over to my admin account?

Hello cheater87,

Once You or CIS applies an action/policy it is for the computer (Including all user accounts)

So to answer you question, would be yes it will go over to your other account.

hope this helps!


What about writing rules not for a said account, but using a different customized profile for each user?

You can use different “configurations” for different accounts but you would have to reload the configurations once you are logged into a different account,

example: Admin account uses Proactive Security Configuration, and User Account uses Custom Configuration…

This will work, but again you’ll have to load them every time you log in by Opening CIS > More > Manager Configuration

Or possibly Right click CIS Icon and select the configuration…

I’ll see if its possible to create a log-in script to do this automatically, also possibly post a wish in the wishlist.


Is there a way that there can be a multiple account feature in a future version?

please post your request here