I have a question about Defense+.

I have avast! Free Antivirus and Comodo Firewall installed on my computer. I have Defense+ disabled.

I only visit websites that I have bookmarked. There are three exceptions:

  • Google Search is my homepage, and is one of three search engines I use in the Firefox Search bar.
  • Dictionary.com and Wikipedia are the two other search engines I use in the Firefox Search bar.
    [li]I go to a website in order to bookmark it and rate it using WOT, an extension which I use to rate a website if I am going to bookmark it. I can rate a website’s trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety.

The only other time would be if I accidentally go to a website (for example, I click on a link thinking it will take me to one place when instead it takes me to another, and that other website isn’t bookmarked.)

I also don’t download and install software from sources that I think aren’t trustworthy. I keep Windows Update set to automatically check for, download, and install updates. I also use Secunia PSI, which I use for finding security vulnerabilities on my computer.

My question is, do you think I need to have Defense+ enabled? I feel that it might be overkill. I also don’t want all these alerts coming up.

If you enable D+ with the sandbox you won’t get many alerts anymore these days. That will add an extra layer of security in case of human error.

If you want to use the CIS sandbox you will have to disable the Avast sandbox or vice versa.

Thank you for responding to my thread. I have decided to keep Defense+ disabled, at least for now. I would rather not deal with any Defense+ alerts, or change any of my antivirus and firewall settings at the moment.

In case you want to try a change keep in mind that CIS with D+ with sandbox and the ever growing white list makes CIS very quiet.