I have a presumptuous request:Application to delete this post

Because I can not delete this post in this section

A firewall cannot stop a program from listening as explained by Radaghast:

View the logging is not convenient, was triggered by events not blinking tray icon
You can make a wish for a blinking tray icon
Stop some protocol is not supported
Please be more specific.
Custom rules cannot be imported and exported
[url=https://forums.comodo.com/wishlist-cis-b131.0/]Wishlist - CIS[/url] is your friend
Cannot customize virus inspired script
Can you be more specific. I don't know what you are referring to. Is here a topic about this?
Without strong file protection system
Again you are very cryptic. Please be more specific
No kernel-level ads filter

Custom website blocking

An IP filter has been asked many times in the Wishlist board. Why would that have to be kernel level technology?

I don’t read Chinse so I don’t know what the images signify nor what tool what is being used. Is it possible to set the interface of the tool to English and post the screenshots with the English UI?

A computer does not need web access to function… For certain non core functions it is nice to have web access but it won’t stop your computer from working at all.

In two months many settings can be changed by a user.

I don’t know what you are trying to say. Please give a more in depth desciption of what you are trying to say.

A firewall will block a listening program from picking up incoming traffic. That’s one of the things a firewall is supposed to do.

You can make regular back ups pf the av database over a period of time so re-downloading the entire database is not needed.

If you refer to the suggestion elsewhere of copying the database folder contents, installing whatever version of CIS, then pasting those contents back over the newly-installed defaults while in safe mode, it has never worked for me. I have 3 machines on which I have been running CIS so naturally I wanted to limit mobile b/w use. No chance. CIS just goes right ahead and downloads the database again even when it is absolutely identical.

For pity’s sake, would it be so difficult to have the installer to check the existing database? It should not be left to users to have to fart about copying files, rebooting in safe mode, then pasting, rebooting normally etc., etc., even if it worked.

Why over-write it at all? Even if it is several weeks out of date, it’s much quicker to update it; less b/w use for the user, less load on the servers, & less b/w use for Comodo - who are paying for, I hazard, a lot of unneccesary b/w use.

Having now done a complete format of a 1TB drive followed by 2+ days of reinstalling the OS & programs, together with the time I spent immediately after V6 silently allowed a Trojan onto my machine, it represents about GBP 3000 worth of my time if I were charging at my full consultancy rate. Not good…

Another thought…
On all places in the forum i read so many posts from very much users being not content with CIS 6+. One not knowing so much could think that Comodo software is not good.
And that is not true. But that the users are angry is true.

So, why not MERGE all this threads dealing with CIS 6+ inconveniance in ONE big

Mainly because the idea for these sort of posts is to criticize portions of CIS constructively. If you put them all in one post it becomes impossible for Comodo to follow, which therefore makes it impossible for CIS to be molded to fit what the end-users are looking for.

The idea with posts should not be to complain for the sake of complaining but to carefully note what you believe could be improved, and the reasons you believe it is worth all of the man-hours, and thus large sums of money, which it takes to make those improvements.