I have a paid Comodo Internet Security, won't start on windows 8.1 - Please help

Microsoft ■■■■■■■ up again, and some programs won’t start anymore. Please provide a fix asap, because I have no firewall or antivirus anymore now.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when I try to start Comodo:

Obviously the search for help online from MS does nothing useful.
How do I get it running again on win8.1

I also have paid Pro version and it does not work either. I have problems with firewall. I wrote to the support and CIS does not work on W 8.1. We should wait on new version or some fix.

You should be able to access their paid support as you have a paid Pro version.

In case you cannot please find quoted post below by Comodo Staff member how to fix problem.

That does nothing unfortunately :frowning:

The other solution I am aware of is to reinstall CIS by following the advice I give in this post. Be sure to run the removal tool which is compatible with Windows 8 in Safe Mode.

This should be able to solve your issues. Let me know if this does not work.

Also, as the devs are already aware of this issue, I will move this to a section of the forum where you will be able to receive more assistance, should you require it.