I have a file in my defense+ quarintine files how do I get rid of it? [Resolved]

Spyware Terminator blocked an exe from execution. I then added the file to my defense plus quarantine files. How do I remove it from my system??? I got a pic.

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Could you un-quarantine the file and delete it manually, or would that be a hazard? As long as you have no other malware trying to execute this file, it should only be latent on your system. Deleting it would not execute it.


I’m not sure what it is. I woke up and saw this file blocked by Spyware Terminator. It was also in the pending files list in Comodo Firewall. I forgot to submit it to Comodo and quarantined it because I panicked.

So if I choose delete it from quarantine it won’t execute? What does purge do?

I believe purge will remove it from the list if it is no longer on your system.
I know this is the way purge works with my pending files.


What should I do then? Its still here just in quarantine in Defense Plus and in Spyware Terminator’s block threat list.

It’s still there since you have it in quarantine, so Purge won’t do any difference.

As you have Defense+ enabled (right?), I’d say you can un-quarantine the file and remove it manually. If anything tries to execute it, D+ will warn you - at least as long as you’ve chosen a proper security level, better chose Paranoid temporarily, to be really sure here. The file cannot execute itself. Delete it manually and if anything happens Defense+ should warn you.

This is what I would have done, I think it’ll work fine but I can’t guarantee anything…


i unquarantined it and I can’t find it when searching for files.

That’s strange. Maybe it’s gone somehow, after all it was put in a folder for temporary files. It cannot have been removed if it really was in quarantine though, since the quarantine blocks all access to the certain file.

Let’s see if Spyware Terminator reacts again, or if Defense+ warns. If not, the file should actually be gone and you should be safe.


So unblock it from Spyware Terminator and see what happens?

Its back it tried to start up again at 7 45 am today. I submitted it to Comodo. Spyware Terminator blocked it.

It seems to be changing names now. Today it is now utt257 instead of utt1D4.

I think I got rid of it. I was told to run Ccleaner’s registry cleaning and it was there. I chose fix it and it was fixed. :slight_smile:

Ah, glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

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