I have a bad habbit of leaving to many tabs open

I have a bad habbit of leaving too many tabs open, there is always sites or articles that I see that I always want to save or remember for “later” when I have time or energy to look at it.

However, I feel it uncessary to let like 50-70 tabs open when they are not in use.
I wish there was a more flexible system for this…so that I do not need to have all these tabs I have saved
for later open…cause they slow down the computer…many sites have cpu heavy flash etc…

And to use the usual “favorite” button is not fast and flexible enough for me, if I am going to use it it should be fast and flexible.

So I hope there exist some extension that will take care of this problem ?

This is what I would do in Opera: move the desired pages to a new window and store that window as a session.

Here is the drill: open a new window, open the windows manager with F4, select the desired pages and drag and drop them to the new window, activate the window and save it as a session (let it store this window only).