I have 62 unknown files through Comodo Rating Scan

G’day Comodo Staff,

I have 62 unknown files through Comodo Rating Scan could you please advised me what I should do, OR shall I leave them alone keep in mind this a brand new ASUS G75VX laptop with W8 64bit I’ve had this for at least 4 months so far.

See screenshot link http://my.jetscreenshot.com/18514/20130521-vgqx-66kb

Thank you.

If you believe that they are all safe you can put the files in a zip file and submit it for whitelisting in this topic. That way, once they’re done analyzing them, they will all be whitelisted and will no longer show up in the results.


Is their a quicker way for me to collect all these unknown files in one batch otherwise it going to take me forever to get them all one by one, what I’m thinking is Comodo should add a little program tool in the Rating Scan to automatically zip them up and submit them to Comodo for analysis.

I don’t think so… +1 good idea… 88)

What is not there to send?

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I’m using the latest CIS v6.1 look in here their no other options to send them Automatically, you can only do this the hard way manually get it yourself Run a Rating Scan, Virus Scan, Scan My PC | Internet Security| Comodo Internet Security v6.2

Clear. I do not remember how to CIS6.
And there is no move to unidentified and then send? ???
Me need to look instruction.

Edit: Thanks Chiron for the clarification. :-TU

This method has very low priority. It’s much better to submit them via the forum.

I wish there was. However, I really like your idea. Please create a wish for it.


I’ve decided not to manually try and collect all 62 unknown files as shown from Comodo Rating Scan, because it too many and it very easy to make a mistake and it taking too long I may as well have to sit tight and wait and less hope Comodo will add the little tool add-on as discuss.

Because this is the only and safest way to allow Comodo Rating Scan to automatically zip all unknown files and submit them to Comodo for Analysis all in one batch, otherwise doing this the long an hard manual way is a bloody big joke.