I have 2 suggestions for CIS.

  1. Alert the user when CIS is up and running after computer start up. I know it says initializing when the system is getting everything running but I think it would be nice for a lil bubble message such as the updating one to appear to let you know that CIS is up and running.

  2. In the sandbox settings/blocked files let people know the difference between REMOVE and DELETE. I know some people on youtube have hit remove instead of delete thinking that remove removes the files from the PC when it just removes them from the sandbox/blocked list.

  1. I think it would get quite annoying to have a popup telling me CIS is working fine every time I start computer. How about a popup alert when CIS is not running properly at start up? I think we have this already but CIS works too well for me to find out.

  2. Even though this never confuses me, I think it would be a nice little adjustment to rename the “Remove” button.

Ok how about for the first one it has a check/uncheck box like the update bubble?

You’re talking about a product update alert that is displayed as a balloon popup from the tray? I’m not sure what you’re suggesting.

No. The check box that lets you know when the malware definitions are being updated. Some people choose yes to that others no. Same could be for this feature.

There is no check box that tells me when the database is being updated. I have the check box selected that says “Automatically update the virus database” but the only notice of running updates is on the summary page when the date and time of the last update is replaced with “Being updated right now…”.

If I’m going to choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a balloon popup when CIS is working properly after it finishes initializing, what would the options do?

There is a feature to let you know when its updating, you go to more, preferences and in the general tab check show balloon messages, this will let Comodo tell you when the AV def base is being updated. You can also go there to turn it off. I would like something like this for telling when CIS is ready on start up and everything is good to go.

I see it now. I think CIS would get too noisy if it notifies the user every time it starts up correctly. This feature would be better if it was changed to display a popup only when CIS does not start correctly.