I hate to ask, but can you help with network rcontrol ules?

I have 2 computers on my home network and I know their internal IP numbers (192.1…). I also know the IP of the server.

Are there any specific rules I should configure?

I have attached a screen shot of the rules that are set up already.

[attachment deleted by admin]

First, i’m no expert, but my network works fine…
So, I’m gonna ask you a few questions here, even if they seem stupid… :wink:

It looked like you had defined a trusted zone and a trusted network, so it should work.
Have you done this on both computers?
Have you used the same name on both computers, on the trusted network/zone?
Have you made a network in windows on both computers with the same name and settings?
I used the same name as in CPF’s trusted zone.
Have you done this before or after setting up CPF?
Have you allowed filesharing/printing? Restarted computers?
Does your router give the computers a static ip?
If your router has
and your computer1
and your computer2
I take for granted that your trusted zone is -
Just check through these things once more, and we will se if it works.
If not, just post here again, and we will continue to help you until it works… ;D