I had my WoW account and MSN hacked, paranoid now, question..

Alright, I was playing WoW and was disconnected because someone had changed my password and logged on my account. I left my desktop and went to my laptop even though it is on the same network shared by two roomates, and changed all my passwords including MSN messenger. The next day, my friend tells me someone was on MSN and replied to one of his questions. This was not me nor anyone at my apartment and after I had recently changed my password using a different computer than the one I was on when I lost my WoW account. I have sense formatted both computers and have downloaded Comodo Firewall and Avira virus scanner.

First off I never understood how the hacker could have retrieved the new password from the different computer. I did not run any programs, but I did transfer some songs and pictures from the desktop using a USB drive.

Currently I am recieving this message from Comodo saying the following thing is blocked repeatedly, the line in the event log is:
“3/21/2009 11:12:00 PM System Blocked 138 138 UDP”
-the application is system,, the source, is my brother’s computer, and is my computer on port 138.

Is this something I need to be trying to fix? He is not doing anything to cause this that we are aware of.

But I would appreciate any help, I understand that computers sometimes try to connect to each other, but this has happened 20 times in the last hour. I am so paranoid now, I had some personal things on this computer :confused: Am I safe to go back to my apartment with this computer?

IF there are no virus, no rootkit or any other malware,
I think sombody hacked your network line with packet Sniffing or
your brother’s pc already hacked.
Any firewall softwares are not safe against with Packet Sniffing.
What is packet sniffing?
Example, if you log-in to any websites you should type your Id and password.
Then you should press the Enter key right?
as soon as you press the enter key your ID and password transfered to the
website. When this processing is going, actually your ID and password
changed to Packet.
If a hacker eavesdrops your network and capture packets,
he can take your ID and password right away.
we say it’s ‘Packet Sniffing’.
Most of case, if a hacker tries packet sniffing he should be same Ip range with victim
IP range: if your IP is aaa.bbb.ccc.0 most of your IP range is
aaa.bbb.ccc.0 ~ aaa.bbb.ccc.255

Let’s see the following clues.

Who is the hacker?

1.one of your roommates.
2.one of your same network.
3.IF you use Wireless network? HORRIBLE! Anybody can take your ID and password.


  1. Use different accounts(ID, password) each websites, games.
  2. Do not use Wireless router if you don’t have enough knowledge with security.
  3. If it happens again, contact police or FBI.
  4. If you want me check your PC, let me know I can check your PC with
    windows Remote Support Service.