I Guess NO email or phone response on Enterprise costs

I have been VERY dissapointed in not getting any type of response from Comodo on costs for an enterprise solution. Hmmm RSA and called me on the phone five minutes after I sent the request via email. This relates to customer support as well in my opinion.

I bet, their CEO did not respond to you in the forums though :slight_smile:

anyway, joke aside… everywhere we should improve, we should. And our users/customers identifying areas we should improve is always welcomed.

How can I help Torch?


My question had been on the topic that I need to implement a 3 factor authentication using smart cards, or USB tokens alongside a PIN and a Biometric. And this needs to be compatible with the Protegrity encrypted database all using a DMVPN.

And thanks for the reply Melih… 8)

I’ve been contacted… :■■■■…thank you… (:KWL) and we discussed Retinal/Iris scanning implementation for this new system as well… (:NRD)

oh good.

We don’t really provide those products, but i am glad you contacted us.

have a firewall on us for free :slight_smile:


Actually I’m considering using your two factor PKI alongside the Iris scanner/capture. But then again I like the PID system as well for part of the applications. I will be able to determine more when your Rep sends me the things tommorow.I appreciate all the time you and your people have spent with me.

oh great. TF product we have is a quite a neat product and the market seems to love it.



Your Rep never sent anything like he said he would… (:AGY)

Hi Torch,

I think that you will be interested to read my post about Comodo’s lack of customer service. https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6115.0.html

It’s sad really, because their products appear to be pretty good. But to be successful a company needs 3 legs to stand on and apparently the only leg they have in place is their product quality. And that by itself is not enough.


I did not try calling them on the phone, but apparently you did, and got the same (non)response.


Please see my update to your post at: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6115.0.html regarding the issue of you not receiving responses from support.

Also, with all of the free products we do not provide phone support, only email support.