I got a question about Comodo firewall?

Ok I only use comodo for the firewall and I use a non comodo product for my antivirus. Ok so I downloaded a file off the internet and when I opened it my antivirus blocked it and quarantined it because it apparently was malware (I’m assuming some kind of spyware) and tried to access the web. Ok so in my non comodo antivirus the event is clearly logged as happening on 6/01/2017 and details it as malware and quarantined, but when I look in comodo’ network intrusions logs the event doesn’t show up at all, but it does show up in the unrecognized files: file list, and this is the only place it shows up for comodo.

Is everything ok? So why does the event only show up in comodo’s unrecognized files: file list and literally doesn’t show up anywhere else I look? Is it cause my antivirus took action first and therefore the firewall didn’t need to take any action? Say I only had comodo firewall installed on my computer, would it then show up in comodo’s network intrusions logs? I’m just trying to figure out how this works and basically is my computer secure?

Did you get an alert from comodo firewall about outbound network access for the file in question? In the firewall logs make sure you go to filter by date and time and select no filtering to logs from all time periods.

No comodo did not alert me at all when it happened cause I remember quite clearly that as soon as I opened it my antivirus popped up saying it had blocked malware, and yeah when I open up comodo and on the main dashboard where it says “network intrusions”, I click on that and then it takes you to “view logs”, I make sure “filter by date and time” says “no filter”, and nothing shows up for the 06/01/2017 which is when the event happened. The only place where it shows up in comodo is in the “unrecognized files: file list”.

So why is that? I’m assuming comodo did nothing because the antivirus jumped on it first, anyhow am I safe, I mean nothing got out right?

Correct it wasn’t able to connect out for comodo firewall to catch the connection attempt because the application was already quarantined by your anti-virus.