I get confused with D+ and have ThreatCast enabled.....

It is mainly with installing new things. I am probably even using it wrong. Since it is confusing me. Always before installing a new program. I switch to install mode and then install the program. The first pop up when it runs the .exe I always choose treat this app as a installer/updater. Peachy. Some times when it is installing though. I will get more pop ups and leaving it on the default settings and just click ok. I do not know what to do. Also when running the program for the first time. I get more pop ups and leave it all at default and keep clicking on ok until they stop. Now I am using the latest version of CIS with only the firewall portion. All at defaults. I really have a problem with the pull down box and do not know what to select when all these pop ups occur. This is running in Clean PC mode with D+

When installing sometimes the installer starts more than one other executable in the process. When the amount of exe’s is more than the limit D+ will pop up again. I always make those sub processes Installer too.

What version of CIS are you using? Can you tell us what Configuration you are using? Look under Miscellaneous → Manage my Configuration → Select → not let us know what configuration is set.

With regards to getting a lot of pop ups try CIS 3.8 in default settings; it has become very quiet.

I am using the latest version 3.8 I went and checked out what you said. Under select. It says Comodo - Firewall Security it is checked but it is grayed out.

Could you tell us what the nature of the pop ups is that you get. Try deleting rules for a couple of programs and see what pop ups show up.