I found "sigsdb" on my Desktop

It looks like it’s part of a CFP- 24bytes. Should I delete or put it in the Comodo file? :THNK

It does belong to Comodo. It’s usually found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\common\db

me too. but I found it in Documents and Settings\username directory ??? I deleted it

I also found it on my desktop, and deleted it (a google search of that name resulted in no pertinant hits).

I guess deleting it was a bad move, but in the future, what should we do with it if found on desktop (move to right place seems obvious, but how to prevent it from re-appearing in wrong place is the real question).

I searched my computer and found others.

I already have sigsdb in there at 3122k. And some others…

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I got almost the same results except for the desktop.
Maybe we should wait for more users with this issue and then move this topic to bugreport board

I only have two, one in the directory mentioned above, the other in:

C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\Repair\

The files are the same size 3122k

sigsdb.db just appeared on my desktop. This was likely cause by various pending files and safe list files lookup and/or submission.

I deleted some files out of the pending files queue that never finalized, had a error message and tried again . I’m not sure if this showed up before or after. Probably after. Since the files appeared safe to begin with I’ll try deleting again.

gibran, I agree. It seemed to me that when the sigsdb data base file was created, mine was on the desktop, I was working on the pending files on the firewall. Maybe this is some correlation. Is this issue sill being looked into? Thanks in advance for any help. Happy new year to all.

Another instance:

I’m not exactly sure of the order but I removed some files from the queue in the pending list and later found another sigsdb on my desktop.

I just deleted it. (:CLP)

Just want to add that this is what brought me to this forum as to what it is and what to do with it. :THNK

I’ve had it as well and started a topic on the day was released

didn’t know it happened before :SMLR

It’s obviously a database (db) file, but of what, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the certified (whitelist) for your PC in question.

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