I Found Bug Comodo Anti Theft ??

Dear Comodo Team
I’m Wason from Thailand and Use Comodo Products. i Like it. ;D
I Question Program Comodo Anti Theft
I Test Install is 1st Comodo Anti Theft Latest Version 1.0.22221.2 Install My Phone Sony Xperia Arc S (Android 4.0.4 Software 4.1.B.0.587) . I Found Bug This.
*1. I Setting Password Programs and Test Use CAT. The CAT is Question Password But i Try Wrong Password and Press Cancel The Program CAT is into Menu and Set Config Free !!! and I Try Turn off Any Service.
**2. I Test Uninstall CAT. It’s Uninstall Success. (I Setting Password This CAT too.) >:-D

I Try Install Again After **2. I Test Program The Bug is *1. is Not Problem ??!! ???

yeah, i have this problem too, and my anti theft dont work.
i send a sms with commands and i reiceved a sms without information. :frowning:


First of all, we do not see the problems you define on our test devices, but we will keep looking for this.

On your second point, do you mean removal protection?