I find it kind of funny/ironic...

Was Comodo software in any way named after the Komodo Dragon?

If that’s the case, I find it kind of ironic that they would be in the security field. Reason I say this, is because Komodo Dragons are famous for their virus-like venom… which is still a mystery to science. Sounds to me like the Comodo name would be better suited for malicious software. lol

From Wikipedia:
Komodo dragons also possess virulent bacteria in their saliva, of which more than 28 Gram-negative and 29 Gram-positive strains have been isolated. These bacteria cause septicemia in their victim; if an initial bite does not kill the prey animal and it escapes, it will commonly succumb within a week to the resulting infection. The deadliest bacteria in Komodo dragon saliva appears to be a very deadly strain of Pasteurella multocida, from studies performed with lab mice. Because the Komodo dragon appears immune to its own microbes, much research has been done searching for the antibacterial molecule in the hopes of human medicinal use.

And a good video to go with it:

I know, random post… I was just thinking about it for some reason. (R)