I downloaded the free AV program 2x and both times I got premium versions

I’ve been using Comodo for several years now. I have installed Comodo on friends and family’s computers (those who understand how to monitor their own computer programs) and sometimes I install Avast for them if they don’t have computer knowledge about what to allow and what not to allow. Also, I loved Comodo FW because every website I went to that tested the security of my computer to probing websites showed my connection always as in a ‘stealth mode’. I appreciated the ability to not open my computer to harmful sites. I have never received a virus or key logger using Comodo. I got a key logger using Avast (prior to switching to Comodo) and experienced a hack into one of my online MMO sites.

This is the 3rd big Comodo face lift I’ve noticed since that original red and white interface. I don’t mind relearning where all the settings are located after the new program releases as all programs have GUI changes from time to time. However, I have always used the free AV and FW and didn’t want the premium version but got it anyway and now it won’t update. The internal diag says its running fine but it won’t update after the install. I uninstalled my previous version because it would attempt to get a program update every log on and the update it was attempting to pull down was ver 5x and I noticed my ver was 3x.

Has the free AV gone away? I was very careful to download the “free” AV. I attempted to download the free product twice and got the same file both times. The file name is “cav_installer” is there a different file I need to download? Is there a different ‘free products’ page?

Also, I’m going to give the Comodo Dragon (OS) a try and see if it can improve page loads. I am not a fan of IE9 as it doesn’t play videos as well as I expected so rather than update to IE9 I am going to use Dragon for a bit and see if maybe I want to switch for good.

I want to say thank you for offering free products to home users. I believe Comodo, as well as the other AV vendors, can make a profit in the business or corporate markets. It is very true that all home users were protected the number of free range virus’ would decrease greatly. At least that was something I read on your website some years ago when I first found Comodo.

Thank you in advance and I didn’t intend on this post being a wall of text but I wanted to offer some details.


Hi Girl_Geek2001,
Comodo Antivirus is a Component of Comodo Internet Security.
You can install just the Antivirus or just the Firewall or both.
The installers for each have the ability to add or remove components.

Premium is 100% free, it is the free version of Comodo Internet Security.
Comodo Internet Security Premium

To add to that, the software is the same all versions, no limitations, nor restrictions. Other paid version includes additional services such as GeekBuddy that you can use.

Ah, I see. Thank you for the information. There really is nothing like Comodo on the market that beats the product AND they provide it for free. I still see the msg “Comodo Application Agent is not running” and below is a diag button that reports the installation went ok. Hmmm. Any ideas?

Hi Girl_Geek2001,
It maybe that the old version didn’t uninstalled correctly.
I would suggest uninstalling all versions then run this unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products (Download tool first) in Widows safe mode, reboot normal then reinstall the current version.
You can download the installers here.

Please note: Without Comodo Application Agent running you may not be protected.

I also am having some sort of strange deal. My license expired today, so OK, I was told back when that when this occours that comodo would just revert to the free version, well not so, it just keeps giving me box’s that things are disabled, and I have no anti virus.

I uninstalled, ran the latest 5.12 premium installer, but after installing and re boot, the same thing appears, like it never changed.

So now I will attempt the removal tool and re insatall and see what happens.

This is a PITA, and there needs to be a way that a paid versipn WILL just revert to free after the license expires.

Unless there are other problems, I assume what I’m going to do will work or do you have an other info I should follow?

It is best to run the unofficial removal tool in Windows Safe Mode after you have run the built in uninstaller.

This is a PITA, and there needs to be a way that a paid versipn WILL just revert to free after the license expires.
This is a good idea and maybe something for the [url=https://forums.comodo.com/wishlist-cis-b131.0/]wishlist[/url]. Kind regards.

Hy guy, well tried everything I know, ran the tool, ran the windows uninstaller, cleared any comnodo folders, and even that cmdhlp reg setting I read about on another post. Nothing, after re installing the premium setup, it still shows up as “pro”, man this is nuts. I just can’t seem to find a way to clear this thing up so it installs as the free version.

I’m on my w7 x64 laptop now, but my desktop with vista is telling me the same thing now. I haven’t tried going through this on that yet.

There has to be some way to re set this thing, otherwise I’ll never be able to install comodo again, I’ll have to find something else, which I’d rather not. But I’m ■■■■■■ sure not going back to my orig install disk, I have full image backups with all my stuff but each has comodo installed as it is so recovering my last image wouldn’t change anything.

Well let me know what I can do here, it seems the only thing that would work is using a new registration number, but I don’t want to do that, unless you can give me a short term one just to see if it woulf uninstall if regestered, at this point I really don’t know.

btw I’m on dialup, so I have to stay on line for any reply if you see this as soon as you saw my first post.

did run the tool in safe mode twice, but see no change’s.

Please try following the advice I give in this post. Hopefully it will do the trick.

Let us know how it goes.


Well I managed to get it re installed on my Vista machine OK. But on my W7 laptop its still giving me a headache, I had to go into programs and manual delete the Comodo folder,othing was removing it, than I used the .msi installer file found in programs data to install, it finally did install, but now my Juno dial up gives me BOSD’s when I tried to connect. so had to use the restore,the one in windows not my image, which took me back to before it installed, now I can get back on Juno, but I’m running naked.

What I’m gona try now is to run the installer, the downloaded one (91mg) while I’m connected and see what happens. Its strange cause I never had a any problems like this before while using comodo, until I went through this crazy stuff after the license ran out. I hope it installs and works this time. At least I know it will be the premium version.

The only other thing I can try if not is to install this V6 beta, and see what that does

Windows system restore would still leave remains behind.
Please run the unofficial cleanup tool after using system restore to remove CIS, before reinstalling.

Also make certain Comodo drivers are removed before attempting reinstall.
In windows device manager, view Show Hidden Devices and look under Non-Plug and Play Drivers.
Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver.
Comodo Internet Security Helper Driver.
Device Manager

Hmm well never knew about those, However I did manage after a few hours of persistence to get it running, man, don’t ask lol. Anyway I re-installed the setup file using the downloaded 91 mg file, not the msi one that sits on program data comodo folder, and did it while connected as I said I was doing, it must have downloaded some other updates as it took a while to get past 36% but after I ran a full scan and only than dared to reboot since it was saying to re start to “fix” something. So after the scan and disconnect from my connection I did a reboot, and ran Juno. Well I’m on line lol, so it didn’t give me the BSOD and a crash shut down :).

Hopefully it will stop complaining and run as its meant to again. Only this time I’m sticking with the premium version, which I thank comodo for.

OK I won’t ask, as long as it continues to behave that is all that matters. :wink: