I don't want to give up on CIS but...

As the title states, I don’t want to have to sacrifice using any part of the functionality of CIS but the issue of sfi.dat and system restore in Windows 7 is a very serious issue indeed. I am sure I am not alone in wanting a clear statement from Comodo to the effect that they are aware of the issue and that it will be rectified a.s.a.p.

To have to turn off D+ entirely OR abandon the AV component OR forego using the very useful system restore facility is an unacceptable compromise. It is all very well for some people to say superciliously that they don’t use system restore (as if anyone who does is a complete incompetent) or, equally offhandedly, to say just turn off D+ but isn’t that just a cop out? Having to do a system restore in safe mode? Yes that works but why should we have to go through all of that bother. This never happened in Vista so why is it happening now.

I did do an upgrade install over Vista but because of this problem I uninstalled Comodo and got rid of all remaining sfi.dat files in safe mode. I then installed just Comodo Firewall with D+ but with Avast AV. No problems…but I wasn’t keen on Avast so uninstalled it and installed Comodo AV again and the old sfi.dat issue reared its ugly head again >:(.

So before a lot of us jump ship for good can we please have some serious reflection on this and some definite answers. Please?

Many thanks for an otherwise first class product