I don't understand Comodo

I am confused about this firewall. I installed it and everything seemed fine, I opened Firefox, it asked for permissions. Outlook Express, asked. Didn’t ask for permission on IE. Opened AOL instant messenger and it didn’t ask but allowed it to connect. Same with Real Player, allowed connection without asking permission. It did ask when I updated Adaware. IE, Real Player or AOL Instant Messenger are not listed in applications but are freely allowed to access internet. I have read all the info in help but nothing makes sense.

Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous window contains an option called “Do not show alerts for the applications certified by COMODO”. If it is enabled, it does not ask anything for the applications it recognize.

Dont worry. Just install and forget. It will show alerts when necessary. Or you can disable the above option to receive popups.

Comodo recognizes IE but not OutLook Express? (OE is not certified by Comodo?) After an hour of web surfing, Comodo pops up and asks if IE can access the internet. Weird!

Do you have the option I mentioned above enabled or not?

We must have different Comodo Firewalls because on mine, If I go to Security, Advanced there is not a Miscellaneous option. The is a box that says Program Settings, and there is a box checked “automatically approve safe applications”. “Do not show alerts for the applications certified by COMODO” I can’t find this anywhere, on any tab. I have no Miscellaneous anywhere.

Egeman, maybe it would be smart to include Automatically allowed applications to be listed on Application Monitor page. Now it just gets the permission but it’s not listed there. Maybe user doesn’t want that app to be connecting even though it’s trusted.

Oh I am sorry. You must be using the stable version In this case, Security->Advanced->Automatically approve safe applications is the option to look for.

IF this is enabled, CPF will not ask you about safe applications. Your Outlook Express version may be missing from its safe list database.

After we release 2.3, safe list database will be updated daily so this wont be a problem anymore.


Yes. Lots of users are being confused. We must show this clearly.

This explains (I hope) the problem I thought I had with CPF allowing CAV to access the net while asking for permission. It CAV (I assume) is one of the allowed applications.
But I still got a pop-up asking me to allow or deny, it accessed the net to activate before I even could push the allow button.

This lead me to believe that CPF wasn’t doing its job.

Yes, would be nice to have a file database with options to turn on/off certain applications.

Dr Pete