I dont trust a program,but I'd like to use it ---> how to set up Firewall & D+ ?


I have one application with is detected by most of secure programs as thread, and it is not false alarm (key words for search “Claria” and “Gator”). It is called “Datemanager”… small tray calendar. I will use it without installing it, I mean long time ago it was installed on other PC, then I found out that it may cause soem bad things so I deleted all regisrty settings all other files besides the .EXE with start the tray calendar. So now when I go to other PC I can use the program only by having the datemanager.exe file (no installation) - of course if I make exclusion in the AV program.
Still I am not sure if it is not doing bad things, so I would like to know can I use it on this way by restricting its rights in Comodo —> it means to not allow the datemanager.exe to make some changes in the registry, no internet connection, no other system modifications etc.?

So what settings to I have to make in the Comodo firewall and Defense+ ?