I don't think PrivDog is working for me

So ever since installing PrivDog, I’ve never seen an ad from AdTrustMedia… I used to think it was either because I was using NoScript for Firefox or ScriptSafe for Dragon/Chrome. For example, my homepage is msn.com and whenever I load that page, I see this blank area where an ad should be. I thought maybe NoScript/ScriptSafe was interfering with it and maybe even Disconnect which is what I asked in another thread so I tried disabling them but there is still that blank area. It’s like that for every other site as well…no AdTrustMedia ad just an empty spot.

Am I doing something wrong? ???

Are you using a modified hosts file ?


Similar to MVPS Hosts - Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File

If you are using this method to redirect any connection attempts from your machine to bad sites ( so that they go to local host instead ) - That would cause what you are seeing

Effectively neither the browser or any extension ( PrivDog ) will even get the chance to link up to what should ordinarily be in the blank area, so even PrivDog does not get chance to replace the bad ads if the hosts file is blocking it first.

I see this quite a lot using MVPS Hosts, I like their Criteria Criteria for Detection in the Hosts File

Ok so it turns out that I just needed to wait until their ads loaded up which sometimes took like 5 seconds or more… If I want to keep using ScriptSafe then I need to allow all the ad scripts. But sometimes it needs more than that and I need to disable Disconnect. Is that right? Can PrivDog effectively do the work in place of both of them? I had a feeling that they were interfering with PrivDog even though others said they make a good combination. Even though it’s starting to work in most sites now, I still don’t see ads for msn.com

Seems your Ads option has Block All Ad Networks point checked. Move it to Deliver TrustedAds and you will see our ad.

It was always on Deliver TrustedAds. I just get issues when I use Disconnect.

Please disable all other extensions and see if it then works correctly.

Yea, that’s what I did. Right now I’m just using LastPass, PrivDog and WOT and disabled ScriptSafe and Disconnect because they interfere with PrivDog.