i don't see where what i wrote was "off topic"

If i am the one representing, by myself alone, a whole “usual gang”, i don’t see where what i wrote was “off topic” and why it should be “cleaned” and i am a longtime user both of CIS itself as my only security software as well as of this forum itself, the latter being the only one i use at the time speaking.

Unless, of course, not always abiding to only your own ideas is punishable of “cleaning” the “guys always (…) abusing our goodwill (…) to attack Comodo”, which would mean, as i previously wrote, that nothing such as the “openness of our forums” would exist (by the way, what’s the use of a forum if it’s not somewhat contradictory?) and that its lack of free expression would remind what happens in some countries.

The “openness of the forums” doesn’t mean to let somebody ruins someone Else’s topic! by changing the path that it was meant for.This is not the best way to show your support for somebody is asking for your help !! , I’m sorry Brucine I don’t want to be offensive but in my country we call this behavior " rudeness ".

And I’m sure u didn’t mean to be rude , you are a good contributor in Comodo forums. so let’s just forget about it.