I don't receive my activate code for CFP


I fill out the form with your name and email address to obtain register code for Comodo Firewall. The next screen after submit button gives me an activation code but it’s refused.
This prompt message is then posted:
“Your activation code will be sent to the email address given.
An error has occured. Error -2147217402: the licence collection number …”
I either did not receive a email to obtain this code.

Help me please.

Thank you

You can apply again. (no limit to how many times u can apply).
so try again pls

It is nice but I want to apply it only once ! (:SHY)
Not, after 10 tests that still does not go

I agree.
but sometimes people have spam filters that eats up the license emails.
I can see that its being issued to many people without any problem and I don’t why you are not receiving it. I just can’ts see a backlog in our systems either.

anyway, here is a license u can use to get you up and running

Activation Code gTnJ7IbCLU6tR2Sw


All is in order - the CPF licence is activated

Thank you - (:WAV)

I installed COMODO two weeks ago. I need a free license, now. So i tried many times the form in the official site (name and e-mail), but when i click on the button “SUBMIT”, my browser don’t load the page. And i haven’t got e-mail with the code. Why?

PS: sorry for my english.


I’m having a similar but larger problem. After a reinstall of CPF made necessary by a reformat and reinstall of Windows XP, the activation code I got a few weeks ago kicks out the same -2147217402 error that others have gotten. So last night, I twice let the program take me to the Comodo website, where I twice requested new codes. The two new activation codes have arrived, but both of these give me the message (not in these exact words) that this code is for some other unspecified Comodo product. So at this point, I have three activation codes, none of which actually let me activate the product.



To: adam & Crashman

What’s wrong when this activation code?!


That activation code Melih gave in the post above suffers from the same problem as the first of mine that I mentioned – the “-2147217402: the licence collection number” error.

I have no idea why it’s not working for me…