I dont know if this a defense bug or not....

I have my Defense settings to paranoid and I have some programs set to ask, they are no longer asking me, only some programs are, I checked the defense settings and it is still set to ask. Does comodo learn this behaviour in paranoid mode or is this a bug?

Im no longer getting direct monitor access alerts when I open firefox, and I think Im no longer getting alerts when I open notepad. Is my defense+ working?

I have some settings in security strategy concerning firefox and notepad (both “custom”) i did not remember to enforce: i suppose that d+ enforces particular settings when speaking of known applications.

If you dislike firefox and notepad settings, up to you to change them in security strategy, but what is the point of blocking firefox monitor access or to get asked whatever when running notepad (excepting, of course, running another executable, it is the default setting)?

I know that some of the settings are harmless, I just want to know why I stopped recieving these results when I’m in paranoid mode and its still set to ask?

  • Is my firewall buggy due to errors or something?

For defense+ to ask, general monitor settings have to be checked, and so have individual applications settings.
I said that, without ever making a choice, some of these settings in firefox and notepad are default set to allow.
Do you mean that you forced every of them to ask?