I don't know if it's Comodo DNS that is blocking me from a legitimate website

I have a half dozen Comodo programs. Comodo DNS is the only real time feature I have from Comodo.

Yesterday I downloaded the Kingsoft PC Doctor program. Its FAQ page, http://www.kingsoftsecurity.com/faq/, which the program interface links to, has been blocked since I first clicked on it. The message says :
"403 Forbidden


This site is being blocked with the same message on Opera browser, on Wyzo browser, and on Comodo Dragon. So I rule out a perverse browser being the culprit.

I have checked my HOSTS file, and this web page is not on it. I have gone to great trouble trying to white-list the program with many entries on the Avast interface. I restarted my browser and found that http://www.kingsoftsecurity.com/faq/ is still being blocked. I sent a support ticket to Avast asking whether Avast has blacklisted http://www.kingsoftsecurity.com/faq/. I received an e-mail response that they have not.

That leaves me to wonder, is it Comodo DNS that is blocking this website? I’m hardly certain, because in the past Comodo has identified itself when it blocked a web page. The author of this blocking is quite anonymous. Any insight anybody can give me on this would be much appreciated.

I do have some minor pieces of SUPERAntispyware Free (SASCore.exe) and Iobit Malware Fighter (IMFsrv.exe) that I let run in real time. I have not known them to get involved in blocking websites.

I find the idea that this FAQ page is a malware page far-fetched.

This is not being cause by Comodo’s DNS. It appears to be a configuration issue on the actual web site. You should probably contact them.