I don't even know, was bored.

Edit:Gasp It went through! :o

Dishclaimer: Iunno, was bored and I’m not a writer, don’t expect a master piece ;D

A long time ago, in the ages of Malware, Phising and Scams, there was a man, a man who would want nothing more than to help people.

Imagine a fade in on our hero

Our hero finds himself on a forum, one he visits daily, and like any other day there are users with problems and it’s his ‘job’ to help these users.

He starts writing on a reply to an issue, one he thinks will be short. After a few minutes his reply grows longer, a few more minutes has turned it into a long in-depth post on how to fix the problem.

Our hero slowly moves his mouse cursor to the “Post” button, as he clicks it he feels a sudden release of Endorphins.




(Pause for dramatic effect ;D)












Ha ha ha LOL! ;D :-TU

Is this hero in Q you? 88) ;D

No, it’s anyone who identifies with the hero, mods come to my mind. ^-^

Heh, that’s why I always copy entire post to clipboard before pressing “Post” button, when I’m posting important stuff. )))

LOL - I feel your pain. Clipboard becomes your best friend.

I believe this is related to sending multiple PM’s - not certain, just a gut feeling.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi SanyaIV,

I can understand your frustration expressed in such entertaining way :slight_smile:
But this particular bug belongs to an ancient version of SMF (1.1.8 ), which wasn’t updated by Comodo since 2006 as far as I understand, when current version is 2.0.5
I am not going to investigate whether this bug was fixed since. Neither would I argue about the choice of the forum Software chosen by Comodo.
The main thing is that mysterious disappearing/loss of users’ messages before submitting is very known & common issue, which can be triggered by different & numerous technical errors, not related to the one we are having here (anti-spam war)

Copying into clipboard somehow may help but cannot be considered as sufficient (I am absolutely sure… I tried in the past).
It’s much better and reliable when using one of (or a combination) of the following methods:

  • create your long helpful post with any editor of your choice. Save the message; copy/paste it into forum input box & send;
  • use such add-on as Lazarus for Firefox or for Chrome


I have found by clicking the Browser back button that the text is restored and this allows you to copy it for future use once the issue passes.

Absolutely not the case. That can happen sometimes (very rare as a matter of fact), but in most cases the text is lost completely.
Keep in mind - I am not talking just about this forum.

I am sure if you search the Net you will find a lot re: this particular problem.

Cheers captainsticks! :wink:

Hi SiberLynx,
Agreed, the results could differ greatly under different circumstances/settings and also which browser is being used at the time.

Kind regards.

good one ;D ;D

It all boils down to whether you let your browser reload a page when navigating though page history. When reloading is disabled you will find back the text you typed.

It’s how I have Opera browser set and it serves me well. Before Opera 9 Opera was set by default to not reload when navigating through history. Since Opera 9 you will have go into Opera’s underwater screen to get the not reload setting. I don’t think the Chromium based Opera offers this function at the moment (I hope it will though). IE also offers this option but I never bothered to test if it would work.


As a health professional, let me just say those Dopamine and related chemicals are the best thing for you… Maybe in moderation? ;D