I don´t get it..... Every program should ask

Dear all,

I´m using Comodo for years now. I set the FW to custom policy and DF+ is disabled. I can not get it managed, that I´ll be asked for all programms that connects to the internet. No matter what I do, some programs are going out without asking. For example wmplayer.exe updates the library, or ATI display driver shows webcontent in the catalyst suite without asking.

So, my simple question is: how can I allow or deny all programs an internetconnection? I don´t have rules created for the progs I want to aks. Maybe they are in the trusted vendor list, but I don´t understand that hole DF+. And although DF+ is off some programs were added to the list of the trusted files in DF+

So, I´d like to have a firewalls that: asks when something will go out/come in. When I decide that it´s ok, I´ll created a rule. If not firewalls should ask every time. Thats it. Not predefiened rules, not automatic learning or adding rules of or even trusted vendors.

Is that still possible or not? Thanks in advance for your feedback.



can you make sure you you don’t have ‘Do not show popup alerts’ in Firewall Behaviour Settings checked. can you also confirm if all applications are showing this behaviour or just some.

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I don´t have that option marked. I suppose that the pass through is related to the DF+ settings and the trusted vendors… But there must be an other option to get the FW ask for every program. Or do I have to delete some predefined system rules or something like that?

For example online control for my router is not asking and Logitec updater also not. I don´t have a rukes specified for the Logitec update. So usually FW has to ask. But that doesn´t happen…


Using custom policy mode overrides the trusted vendors list, so, if you’ve placed the firewall in custom policy mode it should ask you for each new application launched. It would be helpful if your could provide a screenshot of your firewall application rules. Also, if I may refer you to the question I asked in my previous post - “can you also confirm if all applications are showing this behaviour or just some”.



sorry that I didn´t answer your question. Some programs don´t ask. As I said above for example Logitech Updater.

Maybe I´m wrong in understanding a firewall. Do my rules allow via Firefox access to the internet for other programs? In the past Comodo asked me if MS Mediaplayer (wmplayer.exe) can connect and update my music library. Jdownloader, Ashampoo burning also just run through without asking.

Here are my rules. Just some, because I deleted them all. I just tested teamspeak and did not tick “remember” the rule. Pop-up is prompted every time I start Teamspeak and connect to to Internet. That works.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Are you running Avast 7 with the web-shield enabled?

Dramatic drum…

indeed - Avast 7 with WebShield enabled. Is that the point?

theres your problem. there is a problem with comodo firewall and the way avast 7 drivers work for the webshield.
there is a big discussion about it here

Thx - I mixed up Web Rep Plugin with Web Shield… Sorry 4 that. I ticked on “only check traffic of known browser” something like that. And now, FW is asking me more times.

I´ll follow the discussion on Avast 7 and CIS. But one question - if I go back to Avast 6 - is the problem still there or is it gone?


no problems with avast 6. Avast changed the drivers in avast 7 for windows 8 and there are some limitations in windows 7 that cause the problem for comodo firewall. egemen (head developer of cis) said they might have a workaround for this problem in windows 7

Ok, I switched back to latest Avast 6. All fine now. If anybody needs Avast 6 free AV (German), give me a short PM and I´ll send you a link.


glad to hear your problem is fixed.