I do not know if my CIS work properly or do not!!??


  1. I use comodo internet security in 2 computer. I can not change periority or end prosses cmdagent.exe and cis.exe and cavwp.exe by windows 7 task mangaer in one of computers. But in one of computers i can end prosses and change priority.
    is there any problem?
    How i can solve it?

  2. in one of computers:
    also I see an unkown network/IP active in my windows and comodo each time i login to windows ask me about use secure dns .
    i use for access to internet but this network is active too: and i search and can not find any software using this ip/network. I blocked this Ip/network in comodo network zone but each time i login comodo ask me if i want secure this network by using secure dns.
    Please help me about this unknown IP/NETWORK.


  1. That is intentional so that users can kill CIS processes if wanted. Malware cannot kill processes though. Do not worry about this as many uses have tested the feature. Your second computer must have the older CIS 5 without this feature.

  2. Do you mean TrustConnect for unsecured WiFi? It just encrypts web traffic (known as a virtual private network). Strange that Comodo would bother you about secure dns. Are you just getting popup messages in the lower right hand of the screen? Also, which version of CIS are you using.

Note: CIS means Comodo Internet Security. :slight_smile:

I can’t speak to your problem about changing the priority on the CIS v6 processes - I’ve got CIS v5 in front of me and the processes seem to be “cfp.exe” and “cmdagent.exe” and I can change priority on both of those.

All the 169.254.x.x are “link-local” addresses [Link-local address - Wikipedia]. They are intended to be “non-routable”. Internet servers getting packets to or from those ip addresses should just drop them.

You usually see those when you have a network adapter setup to get an IP address from a DHCP server and that network adapter can’t find one. You probably have a wired Ethernet network adapter and a Wifi adapter, but only have one of them connected. The one that isn’t connected probably has that 169.154.x.x address.

An easy way to get a good look at your network adapters is to get to a command prompt (Start: Run: cmd) and type in “ipconfig /all”.

As this seems like it may be solvable I will move this to the HELP section. You should get better visibility there.


dear friends thanks alot for helping me.
I read your answers.

  1. I had be afraid about ending process of COMODO FILES by a hacker or Trojan.
  2. The computer that comodo has detected 2 Network only have wired connection to ADSL modem. I blocked unknown IP/network but each time i turn on my computer comodo show alert me is not secure and ask me if I wanted use secure DNS.
    I have blocked this Ip at comodo network zone setting but ech time it show me this Ip connection is not secure and ask if i want to use secure DNS.
    If this connection is block in seting why comodo ask me use secure DNS?
    Do you think there are a trojan in my system?
  1. At each inclusion of ADSL - this network will be offered you.
  2. Accept it and give a name - House-1 or 2, Office-1 or 2, etc.
    In compliance that at you is chosen for the key address 192.168.X.X ( Name network)
    When you will mark out her, more than questions won’t be.
    3 . Then you can simply remove this network from records.
    But it is possible to leave. To block this network in global rules.
    I explained to you briefly.
    It is possible to read here. about these IP.
    Edit: As an example for you and not to worry:
    I too have this network.
    Simply I blocked it in global rules.
    I too work through ADSL.
why comodo ask me use secure DNS?
Maybe you use DNS Comodo? Or your choice of a network...

thanks for helping me.

i asked why comodo ask me about using secure dns for a blocked ip?