I do not have time

I’m using Google translator. I hope that you will understand me and will help solve the problem.
Time display notifications on the screen is about 0.1 second.
It is not enough for making any decision. I have to create their own rules for all processes.
Increasing the display of messages ( 120 second or more ) does not work in my case.
Windows 10 x64

Try increasing it to 900 (15 minutes)

Does not work :embarassed:
Are there any registry branch where I can manually change the length of the message is displayed on the screen?

I think it has to do with an audio driver or codec installed as I remember others who reported this issue where alerts would disappear instantly. Disable play sound when an alert is shown under general advanced settings to see if that works.

Great thank you!!! I’m two months struggling with this problem. Solution brilliant :-TU :-TU :-TU Everything is working :smiley: