I didn't ask for GeekBuddy or Dragon to be installed along with the firewall

I installed Comodo Firewall 6 (2013) and the installer automatically installed GeekBuddy and Dragon along with the firewall. I did not ask for these to be installed.

Is it possible to not install these items during setup? If so, how do I go about it?

This is pretty poor form by Comodo IMO.

In the main installer window there is Customize Installer link under Agree and Install button.
Read the text!

It is also described in the online Help.

One needs to look for it a bit but in that regard it is not that dissimilar to other installers where the button for advanced options of the installer is not in direct site either. Just something one has to have an active eye out for… :-\

just cause i had often read from different users that they dont see the link under the agree and install button, maybe for upcoming installers it would be better if the checkbox for Geekbuddy and the browser and so on is on the first installerpage like the checkbox for the Comodo DNS and yahoo.

i think that would be more easy for some new users who dont know this or dont see the link

Please formulate that as a wish in the Wishlist - CIS board. That way it will have a better exposure.