I did NOT give you permission to change my browser homepage..

Don’t ever change any of the settings in any of my browsers without my EXPLICIT permission.

You @55holes changed my homepage in FF, IE, and Chrome to some BS yahoo.com page. The only reason I knew it was Comodo is because the URL parameter value after “yahoo.com” was “comodo”. (UPDATE: Here’s the URL you guys changed it to: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos)

I did NOT give you permission to do this. Don’t ever do it, again.


I ALSO did not give you permission to change my search provider.

WTF is your major malfunction???


I presume you accepted this screenshot?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Question: Last time I installed CIS I don’t remeber that being on there?..is it with the new versions or something?

It’s new.


a checkbox below a license is used to “accept” this agreement. It is a dishonest voluntary misuse …

Sorry there is not much we can do as we have no say in this, apart from point out it is not the best idea to do this when we find out.


We could all ways start a poll for who likes it and who doesn’t? maybe that will grab someone attention?

we are closely watching what our users need.
we always listen to our users.


Well an Idea that could be helpful is user donate money? I mean if money is a problem it be smart to ask users first…? I mean i would give money to could if they told people about it :-TU :-La

COMODO THIS SUX!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: You have crossed the line. you are now bad guys!

Teddlez, welcome to the Forum.
Please note this issue was with Beta 1.
This issue has been resolved, and we are currently awaiting the next release.
Please be patient.
Thank you.

Please be aware, that this thread is not about the CIS6 beta. It’s about changing the settings while the automatic update from CIS 5.10 to CIS 5.12 is installed. I don’t know if this issue is fixed.

I saw the screen shot and do not reconize seeing this I have ASUS K55A WINDOWS 7 64 BIT Home Premium and bought Comodo Internet Sec Pro, soon after downloading my computer was extremely slow like a bunch of programs running also Facebook and Yahoo Email did not work correctly , I have IE 11 and Facebook said i needed to update my browser to IE7 and Yahoo email would not bring up search items.

I used Geekbuddy not knowing it was a paid service so the man helped me get my laptop working OK,But then he wanted me to pay for subscription to Geekbuddy before I signed off to get a special deal and how he helped me and being generous for a helping me as I was using a paid service which I was not aware as nothing stated prior to this service that I should be blocked as the program I purchased did not include this service, I told him I do not like being pressured in to purchases like this and felt I was being forced to buy now or luck out on that deal he was offering.

He found some problems but my problems now are when I use Google Chrome I get us.yahoo instead. I changed my DNS as I read a post that this would correct this but it did not. Then I read somewhere that it was a Iran type virus or something of that sort.

I was hoping this program would keep me safe as prior I had problems with hacking and my Verizon wireless 890L-E0D1 using excessive data and I do not use my laptop for gaming etc and basically shop or communicate with my deaf son in a other state, I want to add I am noy that commuter literate and seem to make more of a mess when I try to fix things on my own… Anyone have any idea what I can do to get Google Chrome back ad fix this

I made a paragraph structure for an easier read. Eric