I decided to leave

Today i decided to leave the forums. I have more and more activities related to my school, personal life and interests. I want to let you know. I hope that you guys from MRG will take care about malware, and polish community about support.

Thanks and all the best,
Morphiusz .

sad to see you leave. you did a very good job here at the forums. good luck with everything else you have going

Good luck friend, I have always enjoyed your posts and input here.
Best wishes :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you go.

Many thanks for all the help you have given.

Best Wishes.


Hi morphiusz,
It is sad to see you leave.
Thanks for your effort on the Forums.
All the best for the future.

Sad to see you leaving us Morphiusz.

Sorry to see you go Morphiusz. You have been a great contribution to the Comodo forums and will be missed.

Good luck with the activities that are becoming foreground now. :-TU

Well, this are really bad news. :-\

You’ve been great Morph. (And you still are…)
How you have the time to come and visit us once in a while.
Please find a spot in your schedule. :wink:

Have a good one, mate!

Sad to see you go but your effort here on behalf of our Polish members will be long remembered.

Hope everything goes well for you in the real world. Please feel free to pop in when and if you have time.

Again, thanks for all your assistance - very much appreciated.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well it is a pitty when a mod is out of forum. Who will be a new mod for polish part of Comodo forum? I am from Poland but I can not be a mod because nobody likes me…

morphiusz is not a mod

morphiusz, I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving. That said, I understand that everyday life takes precedent (as it should).

You’ve been very helpful, and I’m sure many people are appreciateive (myself included) and I would like to wish you good luck on any future endeavors.

If you ever need any help we’re here. (:NRD)

Morphiusz is a board moderator for the Polish board.

my mistake. i didnt know that

You couldn’t unless you would visit the Polish board. Board mods don’t have a title to their names like global mods have.

I too am thinking of leaving or cutting down a lot in my visits to Comodo forum. This forum is very addictive. From an occasional visitor I have become regular visitor here. Whenever I log on to net the first thing I do is visit the forum thinking CIS 6 Beta screenshots or some info may have released, Cloud AV Beta may have released, any new product may have released, etc.

Any suggestions to leave or cut down this Comodo addictiveness :wink:

And I am sure you will be back soon Morphiusz :slight_smile:

I am afraid there is no cure for the Comodo addictiveness… :wink: 8)

Warning this will damage all connectivity.

Again: Who will be a mod of Polish board?

It was nice having you here :a0

Wishing you good Luck in what ever you do… :-TU